Mascara Blind Review – #ROLLWITHINDO

Almost a week ago, I received an offer from a friend about a mascara blind test by an agency. Still looking for my HG mascara, I jumped at the opportunity!

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POND’s dan Kamu

I was invited by the lovely ladies at Female Daily to attend POND’s White Beauty Journey event a couple of weeks ago at Hotel Mulia. The dresscode “a touch of ethnicity” was aptly chosen to suit the event’s tagline “for Indonesian beauty diversity”.

This event celebrates POND’s White Beauty in understanding the diversity of Indonesian beauty for 25 years. Though they have been in Indonesian for the last quarter of a century, did you know that they’ve actually been around since 1846? That’s 168 years!

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IOMA Paris – Personalised Skin Care Solution

A week ago I was lucky to land an invitation to IOMA’s counter grand opening at Mall Kelapa Gading. IOMA is taking skin check and skin care solution to a whole new personalised level. Let’s take a look!

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Sukin & Hurraw Organic Skin Care

Phew! Is it getting hotter here in Jakarta, or is it just me? I’ve been riding my Baby Hulk more often than I drive a car, so I think it’s high time I should take care of my face more seriously. The heat and dust isn’t doing well to my skin! Then came to the rescue ;)

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Inspirations! Make Up, Decor & Design

As someone who is interested in make up and design in general, I often browse the internet for inspirations. One of the places I love to visit for inspiration is Yes, it’s a wedding directory, but I find so much more here!

Lizzie Parra

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