Inspirations! Make Up, Decor & Design

As someone who is interested in make up and design in general, I often browse the internet for inspirations. One of the places I love to visit for inspiration is Yes, it’s a wedding directory, but I find so much more here!

Lizzie Parra

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Can’t believe it’s already September? Neither can I! Time flew by so fast, it’s nearing the wedding season again. Entering the age of 20s as a female, you’ll start receiving wedding invitations soon. Wether you’re a bride, groom, groomsman or bridesmaid-to-be, you should definitely check Bridestory out!

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As I’ve only been uploading posts about beauty, I wanted to try more into food photography and posts as well. This is a famous recipe from the lovely Andra Alodita, particularly famous on Instagram!

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Korean Lip Haul: Innisfree & CLIO

One of my best friends, Nindy, is currently studying Fashion Design at Busan, South Korea. During the winter holiday she came home to Jakarta and I just had to ask her bring some things for me :p

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Moporie’s Handmade Soap

Hello, hello! It’s been almost a month since my last post and I felt bad. I wanted to write but I just didn’t have the mood and the will to write. So much going on right now. I’m doing my thesis, albeit not whole-heartedly.I just want to get this done and over with!

I purchased some soap bars a few months ago from Moporie, I’m sure you’ve read about them too as many other bloggers have wrote about it :)

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